Junk Mail

I received this in my mailbox last week. How I loath the politics of fear and the conservative persepctive on the world. Yup, jail is a great idea for a person who has an addiction. And what’s up with the use of the word “junkie” anyhow?!? Is it 1974? Does he think all users are heroin addicts? And the whole “families and children” bit?! Bah!

And what’s the deal with this next one (I didn’t receive it, but found the series of them posted on Garth Turner’s blog). I love how if you wear a hoodie you’re a scary criminal. That’s not stereotyping at all. It could only have been better if he ensured the kids in the ad were black. That would break down some fears, eh?

I’m afraid of a majority conservative government, but in some ways I feel like saying “bring it on, Harper – let’s put your government out of its misery.”


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