Peeps for Obama

I woke up this morning to hear that John McCain has apparently selected Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. Interesting and, dare I say it, smart choice, John. If the democrats won’t put a woman on the ticket, apparently the republicans will. I wonder what Geraldine Ferraro thinks of all this (since she’s the only other woman to have ever been named as a VP candidate).

Of course, the republicans had to do something interesting this morning since Obama accepted the democratic presidential nomination last night and he gave a pretty spectacular speech. I’m not the first one to say it, but man, that guy is something special. If the Americans don’t vote for him in November, I’m serious that all hope is lost for that country.

I just love this photo so I’m adding it for colourful content:

LA Peeps for Obama
Originally uploaded by victoriabernal

Another thought: why is it that there is a group called “Democrats Abroad”, but there isn’t a “Republicans Abroad?” I think that says so much. If there magically are any republicans abroad who want to enlighten me on this, please, comment.

Ben will get to vote in the last state we lived in (Arizona) and I feel so close to Alaska living here in the Yukon so I’m kind of feeling the election buzz this year. And of yes, speaking of election buzz, looks like we’ll get one here in Canada in the coming days. Too funny that our election will begin and end before the US one is over. I guess that’s one thing I like about Canadian politics – the elections don’t drag on for years. I’m predicting another conservative minority government which will oust Dion as the liberal leader and we’ll do it all again in a couple of years. The blandness of Canadian leadership has me hankering after an Obama-like figure for this country. Maybe after November, when he is the US president, we’ll see some inspiring leadership this side of the border.


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  1. It is an exciting year for U.S. politics. I haven’t been this fired up since the 2000 election (and voted for Nader. Ha! How naive I was back in college.)Our electoral system makes it hard, though. Obama had a genuine chance in Alaska before this Palin development. Now … in this red state? No. We only have three votes, but they could mean something. I guess I’ll just have to figure out a way to make a difference elsewhere. I agree with you about all hope being lost if Obama isn’t elected. Just as all hope is lost for Alaska if Ted Stevens is re-elected.


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