Preparing for the KRR

I suppose I am, like many bloggers, using this space as a place to tell tales about my life that really interest no one but myself or perhaps close friends and family. If this blogging thing is going to continue, I’d like it to focus on something relevant, useful, or dare I say it…interesting. Until I manage to figure out how to do that, I’ll continue with the “it’s personal” theme.

This upcoming weekend is the Klondike Road Relay or the Trail of ’98 running event where teams of 10 people make their way, by foot, from Skagway to Whitehorse. This year I’m running leg 1. I thought I would be excited about this event, but instead I find myself obsessing with the upcoming move, worrying about work, and generally wanting to sit on my ass instead of going for a run. Today should have been a long run up and down the hills of Miles Canyon. But, by 730pm I still had not left the house and I was giving up on myself. Ben convinced me that all I needed to do was go out for a short run, elevate my heart rate and relax about it. Mingus still needed a walk, so I managed to drag myself to a run though the trails of Hillcrest.

Lesson to self: doing this always makes me feel better. I don’t think I have ever returned from a bike ride or a run feeling worse than when I left. So why the hesitation?

The leaves are turning gold and orange and the fireweed punctuates the ground with flashes of red. It was gorgeous out there. Mingus loves running outside with me and I take great pleasure in watching him rush past me on the trail when he realizes his berry snuffling or stick eating is leaving him behind. I ran a short loop (I’m guessing around 5km) that Ben showed me last year. It’s so funny that I used to feel almost lost when I would run or bike here last summer and now these woods feel like they are my very own. I’m not sure I’ve ever run in to anyone on this trail, although clearly it is used regularly because it’s well-worn.

Maybe the trails don’t look like much, but they are amazing. The ground is soft and usually dry, the terrain is varied and the best part is that I almost never encounter another person while I’m out here. It is tremendously satisfying to be outdoors and to feel totally alone. The woods smell amazing and they are, for the most part, silent too. I’m still going to be slow as molasses in the KRR on Friday. The portion of my leg that is uphill (the last 9km of it) is going to be hellish, it really is. But I’ve decided that my last weeks here in Whitehorse should be filled with the things I will miss most and, although I wouldn’t have believed this a year ago,

one of those things is trail running behind my house. Reason #4 that I will miss living here.



  1. Inspiring (and envy-inspiring). I was thinking of you this weekend because I was reading Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay, which takes place above 60. Have you read it? Highly recommended.


  2. Good luck in the KRR!I nearly followed a team from Juneau up there, but couldn’t secure the time off work. Blast! They were renting an RV and drinking martinis between laps. My kind of run.Have fun!


  3. I *so* want to do this race with an RV and martinis!!! I’m seriously hoping to get 10 people next year who would like to do it that way, rather than in mini-groups. Keep it in mind for 2009!


  4. A race I’ve wanted to do for a while too, one of these years I’ll make it down there. Great post, I’ve experienced that lack of desire myself. It is always worth battling through. I tell myself I’ll give it five minutes, if I still don’t want to run, I’ll turn back. I’ve never turned back.


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