Media and the US Election

This cartoon makes me laugh. I received it via email so I can’t give credit other than the obvious (that the artisit is Bilicki):
And this article makes me want to cry. It sounds a note of truth that worries me. Again, I’m not a US citizen, so can’t vote in November, but as a neighbour I am most certianly hoping that Barack Obama wins the 2008 election. The USA is filled with so many remarkable, brilliant, interesting, progressive people I can never figure out just why that country has so many right-wing politicians. I put it down to religion, but that’s another post.

From the Huffington Post:
“This isn’t a game of Monopoly or Survivor. There are real truths that exist outside of the spin they are given and have an effect on lives. 250,000 Iraqi civilians are dead because we let our reality be distorted by the most effective propaganda machine in fifty years, the corporate American press.”


  1. I’m almost afraid to watch the returns in November. I don’t know that I could bear another night like election 2004, when it became clearer and clearer that George Bush actually won. One of the most discouraging nights of my life. If Americans vote McCain/Palin, then it will be hard not to lose hope.


  2. Thanks Jill. I’m not sure I’m savvy, but I’m interested. Canadian politics can be kinda dull. Proof of that is that we actually have an election on the go at the moment and I am blogging about your country. As for November…I guess all you can do is encourage others to vote and talk about why you think it should be for Obama/Biden. That said, I realise your blog isn’t about politics so maybe the effort has to be at a more local level? I’m sure we’ll “talk” more about all of this as the weeks go on. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. here, here. down here in Nicaragua every person i meet wants to know if Obama is really going to win. I want to say yes with all my heart, but I guess I just don’t trust it. i keep remembering the last two elections, feeling like ‘this just isn’t possible,’ but knowing that it really was.


  4. The problem down here is we are into novelty elections. We wanna make “history”. Wow, it’s only the second time ever father and son would be president, or the first woman, or the first black or the first Jewish American or a famous movie star etc. We really don’t know or seem to want to know the details. I am without party at present. I was a registered democrat but called myself a Rebublican at one time. Nobody does what they say and no body will give credit for a good idea if it comes from the other “side”. Civility and restraint? Fuggetaboutit.I wanted to be for Barack, because he would be the first black and that would be good and all that. But, he is such an unknown quantity, a crapshoot, a lot of hype but what will he do but “change”. What is the change and why do we believe he can do it. His history certainly doesn’t say he can. Not a great fan of McCain either but I gotta say he is playing the game well. That is by no means an endorsement but just an observation. He is doing what it takes to be get elected in this environment. The only sure thing is that we will get a first. It’ll either be a woman vice president or a black president. All I hope is that they can govern. Anyway, right now- I’m not voting.Like most Americans, I don’t know much about Canadian Politics. The last PM I remember is Trudeau or Mulroney.I hate politics.Have a nice day. Hope we don’t jostle you guys up there too much.


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