Conserva-tueur Harper

These comments, made by Prime Minister Harper yesterday have made my blood boil this morning. Apparently Canada is full of “rich artists” and arts funding is a niche issue. He is such an ass I can hardly stand to listen to the clip. Dion may not be inspiring and Layton is full of one-liners, but please…let’s elect anyone but Harper in October.

Oh – and if my blog title doesn’t make sense to you, it’s taken from an NDP ad that ran in Montreal. In French, the Conservatives are “ConservaTUERS” and the NDP turned the name into “ConservaTUEURS de la culture” or culture killers. So good.



  1. Ouch, pretty bad. I sure am glad we don’t have to deal with such nut cases over here in the USA…(much sarcasm implied). No, this argument not withstanding you Canadians have a long way to go before you equal our whack-job politics.


  2. Jill – yup, I am here. Still struggling a bit with how things are going to “be” down here, but I’m trying to settle in. Thanks for checking in on me.Cheasty – thanks for that link. I left her a note.Onemoremile – you know, I think Canadians let themselves think that their politics aren’t that bad because we can look to the US so easily for (what are in my opinion) non-progressive ideas. I wish sometimes we would look more widely to the world and see what other countries can do. Debates tonight – for the US VPs and for us, the English leaders debate.


  3. You make me laught Kerrie – it’s so true! I like how Palin pretty much rhymes with satan too….I’m sending positive thoughts that somehow Arizona will end up a blue state this time around.


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