She Didn’t Really Say This, Did She?!

From this Globe and Mail article about the US Vice-Presidential debate which was tonight. Did Sarah Palin actually say that she wasn’t going to answer the questions that were asked of her?!?!

“I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear,” she told her opponent, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden, “but I’m gonna talk straight to the American people.”

I guess that’s one way to try and hide the fact that you don’t know the answers to most of the questions – just don’t repsond!


  1. Um, yes, she did say that. And you know what’s wild about America? At least 50 percent of people watching probably loved it when she said that. Ugh. At least Biden looked and sounded good. Loved the Canadian debate anecdote!


  2. Yep. She did. And somehow people are saying she did really well. What?!! She did not answer even one of questions asked. I can’t believe this woman could possibly become the vice president of our country. Got any room in Canada?


  3. Always room for people like you, Julie 🙂 That said, take a look at who is currently our Prime Minister (see my previous post). He’s a bit of a dolt himself. Actually, he’s not dumb, just evil.


  4. Jenn,At least you don’t have Bush. Dumb and Evil!Palin would be exactly like Bush at the helm, maybe even worse. I really believe her arrogance knows no bounds. I was at a debate party last night where eveyone was disappointed she didn’t crash and burn. Because there was no meltdown, everyone there decided she did an OK job, even though, in reality, it was pretty pitiful. That’s what super low expectations do. It’s almost as if she gave some dreadful interviews before the debate just to give herself that edge. Striving for mediocrity … that’s Sarah Palin.Anyway, I’m with you. More and more ill about it, but it’s hard to convince the people she’s already convinced of her “readiness” that, ready or not, she’s dangerous.


  5. Madness, madness I tell you! When I heard that FOX news actually awarded her the debate I laid awake for some time that night stewing and wondering what in the hell happened to common sense. Surely they weren’t watching the same debate that I saw. I sure hope we can all look back on this in a month and laugh and laugh until it hurts. But right now its just a little too scary.


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