Where’s Your Platform? Under Your Sweater?

That’s my favourite quote from tonight’s leaders debate. Jack Layton made it, to Stephen Harper, following these comments by Elizabeth May of the Green Party:

“You offered nothing up and again tonight you’ve spent your time attacking the policies of others,” said May. “Where’s your platform? Yours is the only party that hasn’t put forward any platform in this election. All the other parties have.”

And she is so right – how ridiculous is it to be campaigning without a full platform?!

Then, from Layton: “You say you’ve got a plan? Where is it? Under your sweater?”

Tee-hee! Harper is perceived as a cold and controlling leader so in the early days of the election, his campaign put out these truly awful ads where he is wearing a sweater vest and talking about how he’s a family man. They were really embarrassing. Don’t believe me? Check him out.

Anyhow, I missed being able to cringe at Sarah Palin tonight, but overall our English language debate was engaging, I thought. Dion came out seeming earnest, a little bit angry (which is okay for him) and sincere. I am cautiously optimistic that we won’t have a Conservative majority on October 14th. Fingers and toes crossed, anyway.

Photo of the leaders was taken from the Globe and Mail.


One comment

  1. I’m with you on betting for a short-lived Conservative minority, and a few seats in the house for the Greens. My money’s on Jack to make the most impressive strides.Interesting, seeing how I’m not a betting man.


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