Settling In

I’m starting to feel as though I live here (BC) which is good, since I do. I miss Whitehorse terribly, but to be honest, I just try not to think about it. I’m really hoping to land a good job here soon as I think that will help immensely with the transition. So, check out our new abode:
It comes complete with that Cathay Pacific A-340. Seriously. We are at the end of the runway at YVR, so the airplane noise takes a bit of getting used to. I don’t mind though. I like airplanes and they remind me of what makes Ben happy. He can also walk or ride to work really easily which is important to us.

I’ve been scouting out running routes (mostly along the dyke in Richmond which is okay) and once I get a job I am going to try and become a committed bike commuter. This allows me to purchase a bicycle, which is an unfortunate (?) new desire that I have learned from the lovely, but bike-obsessed Sierra of Whitehorse. We saw an old Bianci in a used bike shop in Victoria this weekend that might just make its way into my life. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that the frame is in the 52cm neighbourhood.


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