Turkey and 21km

Actually, it went in the order of 21km and then turkey. But I am not a meat-eater so I actually had potatoes and green beans and salad and more cheese that my arteries should probably be exposed to, and pie. Mmmmm pie. But I thought “Turkey and 21km” sounded like a nice post title, so there you have it.

Last weekend was Thanksgiving (in Canada, people) and the Victoria Marathon. The weekend was an awesome distraction from things that have had me a little down in the dumps lately (rain, missing the Yukon, lack of a job). Sierra came down from Whitehorse (she was supposed to be running the marathon but couldn’t, for a variety of painful reasons which she will probably detail on her blog) and she let Julie and me stay with her at her swank Empress suite.

I love hotels where the beds you stay in are comfier than the one you have at home.

I had signed up to run the Victoria half marathon mostly because I said I would way back in the summer. As with the KRR, I was under-prepared for this event and I seriously thought about not bothering, especially since Sierra wasn’t running and she is always an excellent motivator. But, because I suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and because I thought it would be good for me to get another 21km under my belt, I showed up to run at 7:30am on the Sunday. The day was gorgeous and I was treated to a beautiful sunrise over the Olympic mountains. It was a little odd to be surrounded by so many other runners, but they probably pushed me to keep moving even when I didn’t feel like it. I ran a 2:06, which is considerably better than I had figured I would do, so I can’t complain. That’s me in the green shirt in the last few hundred metres. I don’t look too happy because, truthfully, the end couldn’t come fast enough. I guess the lesson there is…learn to run faster. Maybe someday.
While my heart had no trouble with the distance, my legs sure as hell weren’t happy with me. I could hardly walk the next day. Happily, this provided me with an excuse to do very little this week, which has been pleasant.

But now…on to the next challenge. I need to think about what that will be. Certainly one goal, once I have a new job, is to become a commited bike commuter. But what about running? Will there be a marathon in my future? Or perhaps a sub-2 hour 21km? Maybe it’s time for something completely different.


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