My New Bike

I have a new (to me) bike, seen here. Isn’t it beautiful?! Triple-butted steel Vitali frame with 8-speed Campagnolo Veloce components. I don’t know too much about the bike, although I am guessing mid-1990s era based on the colour, among other things. If anyone out there knows something about Vitali frames – holla! This is the bicycle that is going to propel me into bicycle commuting happiness. I need a job next, but first things first.

I took her out for my first ride today. It was my first time riding a road bike ever and I have to say I learned a few things very quickly.

1. Road biking hurts my crotch. Note: need new seat.
2. Road biking makes me feel fast (again, compared to a mountain bike) but the damn computer doesn’t lie: I’m slow. 30 kph was as fast as my little legs wanted to carry me. Disappointing.
3. Road bikes are stiff. Every bump in the road is painful. Who knew how useful my fat mtn bike tires and front suspension are?!
4. Drop bars make me nervous, but they make me feel speedy!
5. My husband can still outrun me on his mountain bike on the road. Note: Stop that!

Fun though!



  1. I’m interested to get a road bike maybe next year–I’ll need one if the sprint triathlon aspirations come to fruition. I’m so used to trundling along at about 12 mph on my hybrid, with its big fat seat and suspension, with a basket full of my laptop, my clothes, my groceries, or whatever. And I haven’t been on a bike with drop bars since about 1988.


  2. Don’t be so quick to blame the saddle. Bike fit is usually the culprit, maybe try moving your saddle fore and aft. It could just simply be that you just need to adjust. In other words…<>Man the FECK up!<>Oh yeah, gorgeous bike!


  3. anthony – can I just tell you that Ben yelled at me (in front of me, sadly) from his Blizzard to indeed, “Man the feck up.” I’m so happy to have the two of you helping me out here. But seriously, yes, the seat is not entirely to blame. I am stretched out a little too far (I think) and we made a few adjustments. I also just need to get used to it…And I did *not* match the sweater to the bike. It was fate, I tell you. The bike knew I was out there.


  4. Congratulations! It looks great!I’ve got a hybrid bike and I’m used to speeds of about 12 or 13 mph, too. I’ve been thinking about looking for a bike like yours when I have some money to spend. I’m so with you on the drop bars, though. I feel unbalanced leaning forward like that. I guess it’s just a matter of practice, though.


  5. ooh, delish! i luuurve it. my commuter bike is an old roadie too, and it took some getting used to, esp since it’s WAY too big for me, but it was FREEE! good luck with commuting!


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