Attitude Adjustments

I should be working. Or exercising. Or cleaning the house, even. But I’ve been lolling around the house in a daze. This is true of today, but it’s been the case in a more general sense since I arrived in BC nearly 2 months ago. I’m just not feeling the Lower Mainland love. I suppose that’s partly why I haven’t written too much lately. Who needs to read about my personal struggle to fit back into a place that no longer feels like home?

I keep telling myself that it’s just the rainy season and that when there is snow on the mountains, I’ll feel better. And when next summer gets here, I tell myself that I will fall back in love with BC. Until then, I keep pining for the Yukon and wondering exactly why that place became so dear to me in such a short period of time. I worry, too, about donning rose coloured glasses and turning my time there into something that it wasn’t. God forbid we manage to find a way to move back only to find out that I don’t like it as much as I thought I did.

On a positive note about being here – I do get to see old friends a lot more frequently. This past weekend a bunch of us went to Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island to celebrate someone’s birthday. The weather was awful – wind and rainfall warnings and a surf that looked like it wanted to swallow you up and suck you out to Japan. But, our wetsuits kept us cozy and warm and the surfing was lots of fun. Can’t do this in Whitehorse!


One comment

  1. I do think it is seasonal funk time… I’m not even sporty/outdoorsy but the cool dreary pre-snow weather effects me too. I cringe in fear of that last surf photo! This girl likes her to toes to touch and rarely made it past the wee little breakers when we visited the beaches in NC. Thanks for you comment on my ‘old writings’ post!


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