There has been a lot of talk about being thankful for stuff in my online world lately (that would be facebook, flickr and the blogs I read). It is US Thanksgiving weekend after all. Interestingly enough, I was actually tagged in MadamOwl’s blog today. How cool is that? The wardrobe_remix community on flickr where I “met” Sandra has been such a neato online place for me to play. If you haven’t been there before, c’mon over and check out the fashion love. Really. I know that sounds all pretentious and stuff, but it’s an awesome place (and I am not a particularly stylish individual). Anyhow, MadamOwl asked me to list six things that make me happy and then to pass the honour on to six bloggers. I’m going to broaden that a little (or narrow it down depending on your perspective) and list six things for which I am thankful/make me happy.

1. My job
Yeah, I’m looking for a new one, but I am still so thankful to have work that is reasonably engaging, decently paid, and über
flexible. And since it is sending me back to Whitehorse for 10 days next month, I really can’t complain.

2. Tea
I love a good coffee or perfectly made latte as much as the next person, but I think I might die without tea. I love the routine around making a pot, holding the warm beverage, and the excuse it gives me to eat lots of cookies.
3. Travel
There ain’t nothin’ better than going somewhere new and seeing things I haven’t seen before. I cannot get enough of seeing the world. Travel makes me happy and I am thankful I have been able to do a reasonable amount of it so far in my lifetime.

4. My health
It’s another no-brainer to say I’m thankful to be healthy, but it’s true. I’ve been reading a lot about the Fat Cyclist’s life lately. While I admire his ability, nay his gift of channeling (through his writing) grace, humility and humour, I do not envy what seems to have brought these attributes into focus.

5. Ben
Yeah, I know, how unexpected to say that your husband is someone who makes you happy. Well, screw trying to be avant-garde here with my answers, this is just how it is. I’m still not sure how I managed to hook up with the most perfect of mates. He’s my own personal cheering section, my strongest ally, and the only person I truly need. I feel like a Hallmark card here, but seriously, I am so grateful to be in such a robust, functional, intense, appreciative, considerate, loyal relationship. (And yes, hi sweetie, I figure you’ll get around to reading this an then I’ll be embarrassed for awhile. And no, I don’t really think this needs to come down, do you?).
6. Mingus in the morning
Our dog can be a real pain in the ass. He’s too smart and entirely too neurotic. He also has some really inappropriate aggressive tendencies which have shown themselves in the form of biting his owners. That said, I am completely smitten with him (most of the time) and one of my favourite parts of my day is in the morning when he wakes us up by pawing the side of the bed. We then usually let him up for a snuggle. He’s all mellow and gentle at this point. He’s warm, too, which is particularly appealing in the winter. Did you know how the band Three Dog Night got its name? Apparently it comes from a story about sleeping with your dogs for warmth. The coldest evenings are known as “three dog nights”.

And I’ll tag the following (if they ever wander over here and read this or if I get around to otherwise tagging them that is):

Sierra – hey, I have a blog now so you have to put up with stuff like this from me on occasion
Kelly – ’cause she’s a fellow PNWer and just so sweet
Wheeldancer – don’t even know him, but I liked his comment on Fatty’s blog today. And he’s a cyclist, so that’s gotta be good, right?
Tongapup – if she ever manages to remember her blogger password, I’d love to hear from her again
Kerrie – although she recently nuked her poetry blog, I’m hoping she’ll bring it back


One comment

  1. It’s good to have things for which we are thankful and I like your list. These days it almost seems avant-garde to talk about being tight with your partner. So I have to wonder, given your dog’s name, if you are also a jazz fan? It’s a cool name either way.


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