Lament for the Slip

Do any of you have any idea how hard it is to find a decent slip these days? Yes, I am talking about ladies undergarments – the slip your grandma (or at least mine) used to wear. A couple of days ago I enjoyed some thrift-therapy and coffee talk with my friend Ellen. I scored this fabulous dress on Commercial Drive for $9.

I don’t really have anywhere to wear said dress, but who could resist this handmade bargain? At any rate, I decided that even if I only wear it around the house tomorrow, it shall be my outfit to ring in 2009. It’s a bit short, however, and I wanted to lengthen it by wearing a slip underneath and that’s how I arrived at today’s challenge. I went to The Bay – Canada’s big department store and my usual source for things like stockings and tights. But no – I found only cheap polyester in limited sizes. I went all over the bloody place incluing all the lingerie stores in the mall. No luck. What has the world come to, people?! I have never had need of a slip before, but now that I want one I can’t figure out where they’ve all gone. What do today’s grandmas do?! (Wait a minute….I’ll ask my mom, grandmother herself, who will look at me and ask why she would need a slip to wear under her jeans…) I finally scored a couple of half-decent ones at Value Village and I am waiting to see how they come out in the wash.

I offer this as further proof that I am not entirely comfortable in this, my generation.


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