A Jenn Fashion Revelation

I have discovered something that I think is important enough to share. Maybe you already knew this, but then I say – why didn’t anyone tell me?

While I am not a huge fan of the “skinny jeans” trend, I did want to be able to wear my lovely leather winter boots on top of my jeans from time to time. I guess I’m fond of the boot-cut or big pant leg styles because it just wasn’t workin’ for me. I could not stuff my pant legs into my boots and manage to close the zipper. So I have been on the hunt for, if not skinny jeans per se, certainly skinnier jeans than I currently own. And the whole process was depressing. I would try on pair after pair only to pull them up to mid-thigh or, if they were skinnyskinny, up to mid-calf before giving up in disgust.

So here’s what you have to do. Buy skinny jeans 2 sizes larger than you usually wear. While it’s true that a belt will be required, at least the leg holes fit smashingly well.


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