Manic Season Event #1

Last weekend I travelled to my second annual Mayo Midnight Marathon. I suppose I should clarify: I have actually never run a marathon but that’s the title of the event. Last year I managed the 1/2 and this year it was down to 10km. Anyhow, I love this event because it celebrates the solstice at 63°N which means a sunset at 0:26am and sunrise at 3:44am (or basically, 24 hours of light). The below photo was taken a few minutes before the midnight start (and by the way, the guy in the yellow shorts and the ponytail won the 10km in 40 minutes).

The event attracts a paltry few hundred (223 this year to be exact) participants so the vibe is very mellow. No one is trying to qualify for anything, it’s just fun. And the best part is that the following morning, at 10am, paticipants are treated to a breakfast of eggs, ham, potatoes, fruit, and LOTS of homemade baking.

I’m, kinda afraid that word is going to get out and too many people will start registering and the casual community nature of the event will change. Fingers crossed that Mayo stays under the running world’s radar and that I’ll be back again in 2010.

This upcoming weekend: manic season event #2:
24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival. Stay tuned.


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