Manic Season Event #2

The 9th annual
24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival was another roaring success. This year the course took some different routes through the trails at Mt MacIntyre including new single track (the Bouncing Bunny trail). A loop consisted of 14.5km and 375m (1230 feet) of climbing. I am disappointed to report that I am still slow (fastest lap was 76 minutes) and that my legs could feel the hills even after one measly lap. But I am happy to report that I still get a total kick out of the event and that this year I managed to nap (onsite) for only a couple of hours.

The weather ranged from awful (2C and hail) to really gorgeous (20C and sunny) and moods followed suit. I rode my first lap in the rain and unfortunately I never really warmed up for the rest of the day. Our completely non-competitive teams spent the 24 hours eating, drinking, occassionally biking, and generally having a good time. You can measure the seriousness with which we approach this event based on our costumes.

The Tighty Whiteys:
and The Blood Dopers:

For good measure I am tossing in a couple photos of the always stunning scenery and light around Whitehorse near the summer solstice.

I’ve got a few more weeks until the next manic season event – the dry tri is July 11th (our participation still to be determined) and then Sima Slamfest July 31-Aug 2. So the next few posts may be more domestic than sporty (we get possession of our house July 8!!!).


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