In the Middle of Our Street

We bought a house. Actually, we bought it back in June, but we got possession of our house last week. I am very excited – and somewhat nervous/intimidated – about the renovations we want to carry out. Here’s the scoop:

The house was built in c.1955. I say circa because there aren’t actually any records for it at the land titles office until 1968 because until that date the land it is on belonged to the Canadian military and there were no records created about its construction (or at least the military didn’t pass the records on to the Yukon Land Titles Office). In aerial photos of the area the house does not appear in 1947, but it can be seen by 1959. I’m working on digging up images of the neighbourhood in the intervening years to try and firm up a construction date.

Our place, and many other houses in our little ‘suburb’ was probably built ad-hoc. There are about 6-7 house styles in our ‘hood and I call ours the Monopoly hotel (because that’s what the core structure looks like to me – a 2 story rectangle body with a triangle roof). Apparently these designs were common to most Canadian miliatry bases of that era. Anyhow, in 1968 after the RCAF base was closed, the area was broken up into 126 lots (prior to that date all of Hillcrest was known as lot 421) and our house was sold, in September 1968, to a William and Mary King.

The archivist in me is now going to do some digging on past owners, actual date of construction and general history of the neighbourhood. Oh – and I’ll be posting photos of our renovations as we go too. If anyone has any thoughts to share on renovations generally or design ideas, I would be happy to hear them.


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