Treasures and Trash

We continue to slog through some of the basic changes we want to make to the house. Basically this means ripping all the carpet out, cleaning, and removing parts of the house that we don’t ever plan to keep (the valance in the living room, the fireplace insert, the cupboards between the kitchen and the dining room, the deck). I really enjoy thinking about the past history of the house and who might have lived here, what they did, etc. So far the neatest thing I’ve come across was in the fireplace – this wedding card:

I wonder who Sandra and Chris are and how long they lived here. They aren’t on any of the title documents for this house (and there have been 11 owners since 1968). So presumably the house was rented out at some time. I guess the card looks sort of 80s to me, but then again a card like this could probably still be purchased today so who knows. As always – thoughts welcome!


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