Summer Light

Is it crazy to live in a place where winters regularly see temperatures in the -40C range all because you are in love with the light? Tonight the sky was, as it has been regularly, glorious and kind of on fire in the north-west which made Grey Mountain glow pink and Golden Horn shine as though it was lit from within.

Yukon light is the most amazing thing. Okay, Alaskan light is probably in the same category (and likely in the NWT and Nunavut as well, but still…). It makes my heart swell and shivers run up my spine. In the right circumstances it brings a tear to my eye. I feel so lucky to live here.



  1. I agree. Northern light is an incredible thing to behold. I actually like it even better in the winter, when the sun is always low on the horizon. The contrast of evening light on snow is stunning.


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