Today’s Forecast: Smoke

Well, the weather gods were right. Whitehorse saw three days above 30C (85F) last week and topped out at 33C (91F) on Wednesday. It felt genuinely hot outside and I was loving it. Things have cooled down quite a bit, but it’s not due to a “normal” weather pattern, but rather to forest fire smoke. Check out the little weather icon. Fire – my weather is simply a ball of fire.While the icon is kinda cute, let me assure you that living here at the moment is not pleasant. I can barely see across the street there is so much smoke in town. When I woke up on Sunday I actually thought my house was on fire due to the smell. It’s like living and working around a bonfire. Totally weird. I really hope it clears up because behind all this smoke it looks like the sun is still keen to shine and I want all of the summer Whitehorse can give me.

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