Yes, another post about the weather

Whitehorse has really had a fantastic summer. I mean, it’s been great: hot, sunny, dry – just how I like it. So even though we are in the 2nd week of August and, really, finter** should start rearing it’s ugly head anytime soon, I have found this to be depressing:

The fireweed blossoms have mostly fallen off and the underbrush in the woods has started to change colour. It’s slight – no reds or oranges yet – but the splashes of yellow are everywhere. I have no right to complain, but knowing that winter is so soon around the corner is making me take a deep breath. Am I ready for it? Will I survive this Yukon winter as well as I did the last one? Will this be the year I learn to x-country ski? Will the dark be tolerable? Will I get depressed? So many questions and so little time before the answers will become obvious.

** Finter = the 4 weeks of autumn between summer and winter in the Yukon. Coined by Antonio who no longer lives in the territory.

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