Putting My Bicycle Away

08:21 sunrise
19:15 sunset

I went for a mountain bike ride last night after work and I now declare my mountain biking season to be officially over. I know, I know, one *can* bike in the snow (and I have and it’s fun) but in terms of swoopy single track trail riding, it’s done for me. Last night’s ride involved too much snow which makes roots veeeery slippery and the speed of the ride was slowed considerably. Add to this the fact that sun now sets at 7:15pm and we are losing more than 5 minutes of light each day, there just isn’t enough time to get a bike ride in after work. This weekend is Thanksgiving, so I won’t be riding then, and my other October weekends are filled with first aid training for the ski patrol. Turning the clocks back is just around the corner.

I’m not quite ready for winter to descend, but I love how clear and defined seasons are here. And I feel like I have learned to appreciate the details in the weather – temperatures, wind, sunshine, and of course light. Yesterday was a pretty grey and cloudy day, but as we came to the end of our ride the setting sun lit up the surrounding mountains and I once again felt so lucky to live here. I’ve quoted her before, but in the words of author Elizabeth Hay, the light here in the north isn’t like any place else I have been. “The light [is] luminous and rich. Not as brilliant as the Mediterranean… Gentler…The hills didn’t have light on them, they were in light, the way something is in water.”

I didn’t manage to snap a photo of the mountains last night, but I was fortunate enough to catch sunrise from my office this morning. The effect is very much the same. You’ll see what I mean if you click on the photo to make it larger. I think when you get this pink effect it’s called alpenglow. Can anyone confirm?

Oh – and I’ve decided, since I am pretty light obsessed (both amount and quality) to start my posts with the hours of sunrise and sunset for that day. I am fascinated by it, maybe you will be too.



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