Happy Thanksgiving

08:34 sunrise
18:59 sunset

Hi. Happy turkey. Or happy tofurkey or happy coho salmon, if you’re on Whidbey Island, like we were. Just got home from a wonderful thanksgiving weekend spent with friends (who live in BC and we miss greatly) in Washington state.

We went to a farmers market in Coupeville where we watched the giant pumpkin contest.

We walked along the beach and looked for sea glass and shells.

We enjoyed mid-afternoon cocktails in the blinding sunshine while watching Hugh and Wendy’s kids play on the beach.

We watched birds and actually saw a grey whale!

Note how my self-portrait skills improve with each g&t.

Then we watched sunsets and enjoyed a fire.

Repeat three nights and you have my recipe for a great long weekend. I especially love this drawing, from Owen, age 5, which he gave to us today before Ben and I headed back to Whitehorse.

He wanted to point out to me specifically that Ben (B on the right) doesn’t have any hair (whereas I seem to have quite a bit) and that the x’s and o’s are actually hearts and x’s. I can’t say that I want to go back to work tomorrow.


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