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18:17 sunset

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned, over at flickr, that I have decided to approach winter this year with a closet full of sweater dresses (preferably wool). They are dressy enough for work, but they’re also warm and cozy – kinda like your favourite bathrobe. Extra bonus – you can layer them with all sorts of long underwear, thermal t’s, and double layers of tights and they still look pretty good. Top a dress off with a pair of winter boots and you’re good to go! I have four sweater dresses sitting in my closet right now and I have just purchased these three secondhand beauties from etsy (retrorenegadevintage and centrestagevintage). That’s a whole week’s worth of wooly, dressy goodness!

Do any of you have ways that you cope with dressing for bitterly cold winters? Don’t get me wrong, I also spend a lot of time looking like the Michelin woman all decked out in a puffy coat, snowpants, and wool ear flap hats, but from time to time I try to look a little bit less like a snowbitch (an affectionate name my friend has given to her snow bicycle, which is actually pretty cool, so maybe I want to look like a snowbitch?).

In other clothing news, I have just entered a contest to win
this beautiful handmade shantung dress. It is of course lovely in its own right, but I find, living where I do, that I have had to become more creative in acquiring clothing/furniture/groceries/etc. I’ve always been a big fan of thrifting, but of late I have been stalking various clothing or fashion blogs and, from time to time, people give away cool shit. This dress giveaway is one of those times. Wander on over and win it for yourself. Then I will be jealous.

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  1. I think I might need to start shopping online for sweaterdresses. Trust me, you are not missing out on anything that's in the stores–clothes are awful right now (I tried very hard to buy clothes last week and found zilch). Of course, the sweaterdress plan won't work at all if I can't find boots that I like. Siiiigh, what a hard life.


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