New Old Furniture

08:58 sunrise
16:31 sunset

I hate when Fridays are stressful. And I hate them even more when I know that today’s issues are only going to come back to me tenfold in a shitshow at work next week. Sigh.

In good news – the lampshades arrived yesterday! And, we bought this *awesome* table and sideboard in Victoria last weekend for a really excellent price.

I love that the woman who sold them to us was happy that they were going to “a good home.” My friend Wade felt that the furniture had good stories to tell and I liked that idea. They are well-loved, but still in good condition. The seller was even nice enough to gift these serving dishes to me – just because she’s “in transition” and doesn’t need them anymore. Do I love them? Why yes, yes I do!
Of course, we don’t really have a plan for how to get these large items from an island off the west coast of Canada to a small town along the Alaska Highway, but for now I am happy to gaze upon their loveliness and be happy that I have friends with a large unfinished basement.


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