Would You Vote For Us?

09:40 sunrise
15:58 sunset

The last couple of weeks have been ridonkulously busy. I like that word, ridonkulous. Work has left me feeling stressed and somewhat overwhelmed and in many ways kind of sad about politicians. And I am not an anti-politician kind of grrl. In fact, as kids, Claire and I wanted to be co-prime ministers when we grew up. Somehow even at the age of 8 we knew that the job was probably too all-consuming for one person to take on and still have a modicum of normalcy in her life.

Speaking of Claire – we met up 2 weekends ago in Edmonton, which was awesome. She’ s in Fort Mac doing research for her PhD (and you can follow her adventures here if you are so inclined). I think this photo best represents the fact that we have now known each other for 30, count ’em,thirty years.

In other busyness I’ve finally finished all the off-hill orientation for ski patrol and next weekend is the 5th annual northern pond hockey tournament. I haven’t skated since the event in 2007, but I’m looking forward to it. The weather forcast is for sun and -20C so I have to figure out how to get into a costume that will keep me warm and yet looking like a roller derby girl. I’m open to ideas if you’ve got any.


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