Learning to xc ski

09:44 sunrise
15:56 sunset

Took my first skate skiing lesson tonight. Turns out I’m not a whole lot better at this version of cross-country skiing than I am at classic. That said, learning to xc ski this winter was is part of the plan to stay healthy and active during the loooooooooong winter months, so it is what it is. Practice makes slightly less grumpy?! We’ll see. I just wish my 30+ years of alpine skiing translated a bit better than they do. *Le sigh*

I only took one “action” photo tonight and it’s not stellar, but I do rather like images that are less than perfect in some way. This one certainly qualifies.

I did, however, discover the bar at the curling club, which was a most excellent find. The xc ski club and the curling club share a building with the wax room and the ice sheets downstairs and a quite acceptable little lounge on the second floor. We had 3 glasses of draught and a bag of chips for $10 and change. That may not sound cheap to most of you, but here in the Yukon it’s a pretty good deal.

The lesson in all this is that beer makes everything better.

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