Skiing & Songs

10:01 sunrise
15:47 sunset

Enjoying some wine after an evening with former colleagues and before that a day on the slopes. So far the ski patrol thing is pretty good – although I have yet to attend to an accident. However – here we are learning to ski with a tobaggan. I’m the patient, Hilary’s learning to drive 🙂

Ben’s away this weekend and over the last 24 hours I have been listening to iTunes Genius mix up our collection of music. It’s strange, he used to be away all the time and I got used to it (sort of). Now that we are both at home more often, I find it strange to be on my own at night.

Anyhow, I find it vaguely disturbing how much I like what Genius pulls together from our collection. I also quite like how it is giving me ideas to plump out BadMoFoBloPoMo. I’ve decided to create a playlist of my favourite songs, but one that takes a month or more to create. I think it will be kind of interesting to see which 30 songs move me the most on a one at a time basis. The idea is that if I only think about, or listen to one at a time, I should come up with my most favourite tunes. Whether or not they actually flow from each other or sound good together will be another question. At the end of – let’s say 30 songs (that’s how many tracks are on the Beatles The White Album, which I randomly thought of when trying to think of how many songs I should include) – I’ll post the whole list and see what I think.
So tonight I bring you: Helpless by Neil Young.
I don’t know if it’s the opening line “there is a town in north Ontario” that makes me feel somehow as if this song is ‘about’ me or about my youth or what, but I love this song. Neil Young reminds me of my childhood, of my parents, and of being Canadian (cheesy as that sounds). It’s not the lyrics (although the verse that beginsBlue, blue windows behind the stars’ is beautiful), it’s the melody that grabs me with this one. It could be the wine, but I have listened to this now 5 or 6 times tonight and each time it makes me well up. I could have probably chosen several Neil Young songs for this list, but hey, this is the first one Genius served up to me.

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