Holiday Card Making

10:06 sunrise

15:47 sunset

We are a bit behind schedule this year, but our annual card-making (I think this is our 10th year) begins tonight. It’s about the only Christmassy tradition we have. In fact, I was deemed to be “grinchy” by a friend this week. I’m not anti-Christmas per se, but I’m far from the holiday song-singing, gift-giving fool that some folks are. I tried to abolish gifts years ago (and have been pretty successful at that one – Ben and I haven’t exchanged gifts since we were first dating) and since I am a solid atheist (not agnostic, thank-you very much) I like to leave Christmas as a time of year when friends get together and eat good food. But I am also a sucker for tradition and the card-making is one that I love.

Happy Solstichrismukkah folks!


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