You chose your words from mouths of babes

10:10 sunrise
15:49 sunset

Hmm, so BadMoFoBloPoMo is giving me some grief tonight. I’m tired, want to focus on trying to book our vacation (looks like Hawaii is going to win out again), grab a shower, and get to bed before midnight.

Tomorrow: Norweigan Christmas dinner (mmmmmm, lefse) and Ben’s dad arrives after midnight. Today: you get another tune to add to my top 30. A favourite from first year uni (I am stuck in the 90s after all – although I know this album is actually from 1987): 10,000 Maniacs, Hey Jack Kerouac. (The audio actually sucks, but I can’t seem to find a better version). I adore this whole album and nearly chose Verdi Cries as my fave, but I think I’ll stick to track #2.

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