10:08 sunrise
16:01 sunset
Look at that – sunset is after 4pm again!
So tomorrow the steel beam that is going to support our ceiling should be put in place. I’m quite excited. I even have fantasies that maybe there will be drywall in place for me to paint before we take off to Hawai’i on the 20th. That’s probably ambitious, but we have chosen the paint colours for the main floor. With help from a friend who is also an artist, we chose a light grey for most of the walls, a darker grey for the wall going up the stairs (and possibly the dining room) and a punchy, kinda in-your-face orange for the little bit of wall over the fireplace. The orange is definitely over the top and we may tone it down to something else, but the wall is less than 2m x 2m (30 square feet) so it’s easy to play with.
I know that on-screen colours never look like the same as they do in person, but for what is’s worth, here’s what we picked (all Benjamin Moore):

I’ve now put 2 coats of the orange on the wall so that we can look at it for a few weeks and see how we feel about it. I have gone from low-level fear (with just the cutting in done), to mild concern (one coat), to a feeling that I kinda like it (2 coats). Ben thinks it might be too “creamsicle” and he might be right, but we’ll wait and see. Now we need to decide what fabulous ‘thing’ gets to go above the fireplace. I have a hankering for a fake stuffed teddy bear elephant head, but that might be a little too much. Maybe a pair of found antlers if I can get my hands on a pair. We’ll see.


  1. My neighbour has plenty of antlers in his backyard. You might be able to convince him to give you a set.

    BTW, I think I spotted your place the other night! I was walking the dog and recognized one of your light fixtures!


  2. Now I am trying to guess who your neighbour is. Are you on Park Lane? Hilarious that we may finally meet due to a light fixture 🙂 Does your dog wear a red coat on his (her) walks?


  3. omg, i love that orange! I have grey walls similar to your second colour throughout the house, but I don't really have a good focal wall for a splash of colour, so my plan is to use different coloured accessories in each room. Kitchen might be red/grey, living room will be blue/grey, dining room might be yellow/grey.


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