Happy to be healthy

10:10 sunrise
16:17 sunset
Cold again today and Ben did say that my skin is the palest he’s ever seen (a sign of my time in the Yukon?). It does look a little blue in today’s flickr photos I must admit.

But I am feeling well! My physician told me that I was supposed to brag about my blood work, so what more public venue than a blog post? I wasn’t anticipating any problems or indicators of poor health, but I have a new doctor and she wanted to create a benchmark from which any future changes in my health could be gauged. Apparently my thyroid is right in the middle, my red and white blood cells and platelets are producing in some sort of perfect symphony and my cholesterol levels look like they belong to a “16 year old vegetarian marathon runner.” She actually said that my “bad”cholesterol levels were the lowest (or is it highest?) she has ever seen. My ratio of good:bad cholesterol was somewhere around 2:1 – does that sound right? I looked at my results, but have already forgotten the numbers. I am (like many women) a little low on iron, so will be supplementing to improve that, but overall, things are good! So I guess I have genetics on my side, my cheese habit isn’t harming me too much and I have little to be concerned about. Of course, now that I have said that I am going to be hit by a truck in Maui and I’ll wish I had a little bad cholesterol to make up for the broken bones, but whatever. For now, I will be happy to be healthy.

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