Cream Pie

Yesterday I ate the most delicious piece of macadamia nut cream pie. It reminded me of my grandmother (Schultz) even though she didn’t bake pies. I think it was the blue vinyl cafe chairs and the glass horizontal blinds for windows that gave the place the “feel” of my grandma’s era (you can sort of see these two items if you look closely at the photo of me). The place really reminded me of her winters in Florida – think aquamarine, hamburger stands and drinking old fashioneds. Perhaps the mere fact that I was eating pie as snack at 11am also reminded me of her. In her later years of life she would often go out to a restaurant and order a slice of pie and a coffee…just because. I don’t think she liked food much by the time she was in her late 70s and she really developed a sweet tooth (and yet somehow probably never weighed more than 100lbs). Anyhow, the pie at the Hana Hou was to die for – seriously good – and the restaurant was just perfect in its frozen, vintage Hawaiian sort of way.


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