8:44 sunrise
17:45 sunset

I covered most of the misery on sticks sports this weekend: cross country, alpine, moguls and biathalon. Granted, I was only physically involved in two of these sporting events, but hey, we can all live vicariously through the Olympics, no?

Marsh Lake Loppet: I run 10km faster than I ski it. That’s not how it’s supposed to work:

Ski Patrol: Gorgeous warm and sunny day on the slopes:

Men’s and Women’s Moguls: Go Canada! I hate overt patriotism (how many of us choose the country we can home? it’s luck I was born here), but it was pretty awesome to be in the bar at Sima watching Alexandre Bilodeau win his gold medal: (AP Photo)

Biathalon: The men’s 10km sprint. It took me over an hour to ski 10km. These guys do it in less than 25 minutes and they stop twice to shoot 5 targets, which if they miss, they have to ski and extra 150m. Insanity. And weirdly compelling:(photo from

I have to admit it….I am being sucked into the Olympics against my better judgement.


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