Better Day, New Hair

8:09 sunrise

18:17 sunset
And the purpose of this post is to share a couple of the nine bajillion photos of myself that I took last night after getting my hair cut. It took awhile for my stylist Chantal (big thumbs up by the way – my first happy hair moment in Whitehorse) to get me to this medium-blonde so I didn’t get home until after dark (hence the flash photos). I like it lots, sorta rocker-chick (in my mind anyway) but we’ll see how I do with it once I am left to my own shampooing and styling devices. I did tell Chantal that my beauty routine includes occasionally washing my hair at night, sleeping on it and then getting up to go to work, so hopefully this cut will look okay after that level of effort. I am likely to go even shorter eventually, but for now this is good.

Oh – the orange wall behind me is still the test colour for above our fireplace. The grey is the colour going up our stairs. More painting should be in the works in a couple of weeks.
In other news, it’s Rendezvous weekend. I am super happy to have today off as it was a bit of a stressful week work-wise. That said, the day is going to involve a few trips to the dump (our floor is being installed as I type!!) and some work for a national grant review board I sit on. Tomorrow I’m planning to enter the Mad Trapper event which is sort of a pentathlon of the north. The events include Flour Packing, Axe Throw, Chainsaw Chuck, Swede Saw and the Log Toss. The combined winner wins some cash and of course fame and fortune throughout theYukon. How far do you think I can toss a chainsaw? Should be good for a laugh if nothing else. I’m also going to do my best at ousting Sierra from her dominant position in the hairy leg competition, but to be honest….that girl’s got it all sewn up. After her 3rd win in 2006 she was actually banned! I think she sees this as her comeback year and I am not sure I can do anything about it.
Am I allowed to file this one under sporty? Maybe that’s for Sunday once I post a report of the actual Rendezvous events. Stay tuned…


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