Rendezvous Recap

7:54 sunrise
18:30 sunset

Did I mention that Rendezvous was a hoot? Well, it was. Kate, Sierra and I teamed up as Team High-Five (lame name, yes, but it comes from our spinning sessions where we give each other high-5’s a lot) to compete as Mad(am) Trappers. It’s a good deal that I was with them because I placed last or close to last in every event I tried whereas Sierra won the overall Madam Trapper title and Kate kicks ass at axe throwing.

So what is the Mad(am) Trapper event? From the Rendezvous website:
Enter this competition and you automatically enter the Flour Packing, Axe Throw, Chainsaw Chuck, Swede Saw, and Log Toss. Scores are combined to find the ultimate athlete.

Behold photographic evidence of Team High-Five in each event:

Flour Packing:
Swede Sawing:
Chainsaw Chucking:
Log Tossing:
Axe Throwing:

And if you really want a laugh, you should probably watch this pathetic video of me doing the axe throw. Needless to say…I did not win.

And let’s not forget the hairy leg contest which Sierra and I both entered. Sierra demolished the competition cruising to her 4th title as Yukon hair leg champion, but I do like to think that I would have taken silver in the event if they gave prizes for anything other than first. But do you know what her prize was? A gift certificate for laser hair removal. I could go on and on about how you don’t award someone who is proud of (or at least very comfortable with) her hairy legs with a prize that says “these are really ugly you should get rid of them now.” I don’t think the organizers intended to send that message, but it’s kind of like giving a girl, in a writing competition about self-esteem, a “makeover” as a prize (and yes, that happened in Sierra’s past too – like wtf?!?).

Add to this a night out at a karaoke bar (I didn’t even know this was an option in Whitehorse) and all in all it was a really fun weekend.


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