Wardrobe Capsule Recap

7:48 sunrise
18:35 sunset

So here’s my visual recap of my personal wardrobe capsule challenge:

I quite enjoyed this little exercise and I learned a few things:

1. I could do this for 5 days with even fewer items.

2. I could, however, to learn to mix the pieces together better.
3. I wish I had chosen a dress (or two).
4. While I like accessories such as jewellery, these don’t mix and match as well as I might want them too. If I did this challenge again, I would probably be happy choosing 5 different pieces of jewellery as my accessories since I don’t really wear belts much and I never carry a bag/purse. I threw my coat in as my 5th piece just ’cause I had been wearing it all week.

5. Sometimes having fewer choices results in more interesting combinations. I loved my Friday lime and orange colour combination and I would have never thought to put these two items together without having the two shirts laid out together as options to choose from.
6. It really, really helps to have clothes set out the night before. Even though I didn’t know what I planned to wear each day, having a really small set to choose from made my mornings easier.
7. Next time I pack for a trip (ie: at the end of this month) I will use this method of choosing clothes rather than selecting a larger number of totally different outfits.
A fun experiment anyway – I’ll try it again for sure.


  1. Nice recap picture! I was trying to do a mosaic thing yesterday afternoon and got frustrated and just decided I'd work on it later.

    I really like the lime and orange and the brights mixed with the neutrals.


  2. Hey Kirsten – yes, I did see that. Of all people, Narly pointed the project out to me on one of my other wardrobe posts on here. Pretty cool eh?


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