Sugar Doll Award

7:47 sunrise
20:26 sunset

Dear Erin, over at Both Yellow Animals, has bestowed upon me the Sugar Doll Blogger Award. I have no idea what would make me a sugar doll, in fact, I think I am more the salty variety. That said, it’s a nice excuse for a blog entry. One of the conditions of accepting the award is to participate in a little Internet meme. In this case: divulge 10 aspects of my life and/or personality, and thank the person who gave me the award.

1. I don’t think I ever owned a doll as a kid.
2. I am fond of sugar, especially in baked goods (mmmmm, cake).
3. I like beer.
4. I also like wine (red and white, even).
5. I won’t eat what I am not willing to kill. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day, but for now I am comfortable with this approach to my world.
6. I used to think I had a type A sort of personality, but some recent online investigative research reveals that I am more B than A.
7. I hate commuting. So glad I don’t have to.
8. I am seriously on the fence about ever having kids and I don’t really know how that question will ever be resolved.
9. I just took a 10 day vacation in January and I am already thinking about where to go next.
10. I do fundamentally believe that society should take from each of us according to our ability and give back according to our need, but it’s not really working out like that.

Erin – thanks for the award and for giving me a little glimpse into a your sweet corner of Texas. May you serve me some grits when I finally travel to Austin.



  1. I still haven't done my ten! It's nice to read yours. I commute for work and I hate it. It's one of the big reasons why I'm on a serious jobhunt these days- I want to work closer to home. I'm very close to 42 now and have never had kids of my own. I don't plan to, either.

    Oh, and I love beer. And wine. You really should come to Austin. Grits are great!


  2. hey jen – it's shivaya over at flickr, a la wardrobe swap shop etc….haven't been following you for a while, so thought i would catch up…loved to see your remodeling evolution that is house renovation. looking good!

    That said, i just wanted to comment on #8 since the other commenter did, so I guess its ok to give my own “perspective” (though you didn't explicitly ask!).

    anyway, deciding to have a child was a difficult thing for me. I am fundamentally not one of those stereotypical “baby/kiddie loving people.” I'm concrete sequential as well and honestly, really love my freedom and time, hobbies, vocation, vacation, etc….I guess what I'm trying to get at is all these things have not been are mutually exclusive for me—having a baby and retaining my “core,” my “essence.” i haven't changed my value system or anything because I HATE when women say to each other “HAVING A KID WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.” Give m a break, drama queens.

    yes- i lov my baby and Life is different. It's “larger” than me now, if that makes any sense, and I mean existentially, not in a cheesy way. I have always thought that, but now I really feel it.

    we have decided to have an only for several reasons 1) financial 2) ethical-who are WE to contribute even more so to world overpopulation? as it is when there as so many who have so little, and 3) commodity wise (e.g. energy/attention)– having more than one would I think change ours lives more than we like–having to attend to one, versus two or more.

    Having one makes us what we call “the trilogy.” :)It works FOR US. No preachy preachy here, Jen.

    oh and our cat too. he has adjusted quite well so it's the four of us on the road of life…:)

    Anyway, that is my own 2 cents and trajectory. Never thought i would have 1 child ever, until i was i think 35. then i was on the fence like you. So, I empathize with you. The Universe will present the decision to you and Ben, if you believe in that sort of philosophy, as i do.

    take care up there. 🙂 peace, theresa/shivaya


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