A Day in Vancouver

Had a really, really lovely day in Vancouver yesterday. It didn’t even rain on me – how’s THAT for lucky?

I took the new Skytrain from the airport to meet e at Broadway and Commercial. Look at Vancouver getting all city-like with its public transportation:

We had a good yak session and then some thrift therapy at Value Village. Check out the crazy good Camper shoes I found! They’re 1/2 a size too big, but hey – I’ll manage. I also snagged a weird 70s pattern halter dress and some Nine West wedge platform sandals, both which will serve me well later this week in Nassau.

Then it was on to Steveston where Hugh and I enjoyed a lovely bike ride in the sun to pick up some fish for dinner. The day ended with a yummy home-cooked meal for me and some friends. I drank wine and ate delicious cheese. It was all good and I just wanted to tell you that.


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