Nassau round 2

7:06 sunrise
20:59 sunset
23.5 hours to get home, door to door Nassau to Whitehorse. Yeah, that sucked.
But overall the trip was great. I hadn’t seen my sister or my nephew since October 2008 (the last time I was in the Bahamas). My mom was down there too, so it was a family reunion of sorts. That said, I now have empirical evidence that it’s somewhere around 48 hours that we reach the family saturation point. Don’t get me wrong – things are fine and it was great to see everyone, but we don’t really work well together in contained environments for prolonged periods of time.
But some highlights:
Playing with the underwater camera – fun.

Hanging out with my mom and my sister. Meeting my sister’s boyfriend (who took both of the below photos).

Swimming in the cerulean Caribbean ocean. Oh man, that water is the most beautiful in the world!
Playing with my nephew at the beach. He’s 6 now and insanely physically robust and active. The waves were kind of strong, but he liked playing in the surf and we ran and swam together. Fun.

Exploring Nassau. Had grits with my breakfast and thought of Erin. Sorry to say….these were gross.
Watching my mom play with her grandson. This is a blurry photo but I love it – they are doing cannonball jumps into the pool.

And then there was the trip home. I mean, I knew it would be a long day….it just sucked more than I thought it would. I flew Nassau to Miami (short flight – pretty views); Miami to Toronto; Toronto to Vancouver; Vancouver to Whitehorse.
And this is what happened once I got to Toronto: no bags for me. Le sigh.

When I finally fell into bed at 2:30am Whitehorse time (5:30am Nassau time) I was done, stick a fork in me, totally overdone.

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  1. Well, I'm glad to see you had a great vacation despite gross grits and lost baggage. You come to Texas anytime and I'll take you for some REAL grits- and maybe just bring a carry on so you don't have to check any luggage. 😉


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