A Mountain Bike Adventure

6:45 sunrise

21:16 sunset

I’m a little freaked out at the moment, but in a good way. Sierra and I signed up for TransRockies last night! Way back in the fall, Jill tried to suggest that we should do this race. I laughed. I basically said no way in hell would I ever do something that crazy.

Then I thought about it. For about 6 months. And I changed my mind.

I’ve never really done something like this, but I wanted a challenge for this summer. I’ve investigated the routes, the elevation gain and the feedback from past participants. I think we can do it. I mean, I am nervous…and I know it will take a lot of time on my bike to be able to complete the 7 days, but I’m up for it. And I know Sierra is too. There isn’t anyone else I would rather do this with. She’s already an endurance star (hello – Ironman?!) and we both share a penchant for commiting to things, sticking to training plans, and (hopefully) having fun while playing outside.

I am trusting the event’s website which promises an “accessible, challenging, rewarding epic adventure.” I’ve already heard a bit of naysaying about our ability to complete this, but Sierra just sees that as extra motivation. I know it won’t be easy and I have quite a few things to learn, but I am looking forward to what I hope will be a beautiful journey through the Rockies.

At present, here are my goals: (1) complete each stage (2) complete each stage in the official time permitted.

So, stay tuned. This blog may become a little more bike focused over the next 17 weeks!



  1. I'm so excited that you guys are doing it! I think it's going to be serious fun – like a big mountain bike vacation, rewarded by all the hard work it took to get there. Hope to see you in Whitehorse in June, and I'll see you in Fernie in August!


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