16 weeks

6:12 sunrise

21:45 sunset

I think I just finished what will have to be considered my first week of training (I shudder at that word, but it is what it is) for TransRockies. For what it’s worth, I will occasionally note what my week looked like, “training” wise. I didn’t keep super accurate track this week, but I am more likely to do so as the weeks pass. I’m doing this partially to keep me honest and motivated and partly in hope of seeing some improvement and therefore confidence going into this thing. I am certainly feeling humbled today – after a long, but fun mountain bike ride yesterday and then a hellish and quite honestly unpleasant ride on the road today…..I am tired….and I haven’t really done much yet. I know I have to be patient and just keep building time on the bike, but I’m nervous about what I’ve signed up for.

Counting down to the August 8 start and including this past week, we have 16 weeks to go.

Date: April 19-25

Distance: ~25km dirt/mtn bike; ~50km road bike; 5km running

Time: in the neighbourhood of 6.5 hours (incl’d 35 minutes to the upper parking lot on Grey Mtn)

Okay, those are the boring bits. Here’s the fun part:


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