Zinc Overdose

6:09 sunrise

21:47 sunset

Who knew that zinc lozenges have a maximum dosage of 3 daily?! Seriously. I was eating these things like candy this weekend. Since I went to the Bahamas I have had a persistent, sore throat and I started snacking on these pastilles in an attempt to make it feel better. Last night I thought “maybe I should check if there’s a recommended dosage” and lo and behold – with each lozenge containing 15mg of zinc, 60mg of vitamin C and 50mg of echinacea – I was only supposed to consume 3 of these/day. I think I ate somewhere between 6 and 10 of these yesterday alone.

So I went to bed last night in a fit of paranoia that I was going to die of zinc poisoning (I even made Ben get up out of bed and do some interwebs research on my behalf) combined with self-doubt related to this whole transrockies thing. And now it’s Monday. Awesome. Good news: I’m not dead yet.



  1. They've got some fantastic licorice teas down at the Riverside Grocery. One of those might help. (I've got some here if you want to try it – you've probably figured out where my place is, right?)


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