House Update

5:52 sunrise

22:03 sunset
The house really has been coming along the last few weeks. This is good news, because I am rapidly learning that I need to spend a lot of time on my bicycle in order to be even somewhat prepared for our bike race this summer. Ben has done TONS of work on the trim and we even put up light fixtures last week! The fireplace tiles have been cut and we just have to muster up enough courage to actually stick tiles to thinset. Then, it will be a matter of hanging some things on the walls and voilà – the interior work will be done for the summer. Yes, yes, there’s a kitchen to work on, a stairwell to paint and an upstairs office to fix up, but for the time being – the inside stuff will be done in (fingers crossed) one week!
Here are some recent pics:
Patio stones cast by Ben:

Ben working his concrete magic in the backyard (not our canoe):
Light fixtures installed! The cactus and crocus are from Ursula; the black line is from Schoolhouse Electric in Portland.

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