11 Weeks

4:55 sunrise

23:00 sunset

It’s manic season alright. Sunrise before 5 am (and light throughout the night) and sunset at 11pm. Fabulous. I love it, even as it kills me with exhaustion.

This long weeked I was pretty focused on getting in three repeated longish days on my bike. Actually, I rode 7 days in a row but left the long days for the end. Overall it went really well and I was really happy that yesterday’s long ride with Sierra was not only fun, but I also felt pretty good for most of it, especially the climb up Grey Mountain. That said, my thighs are killing me today and I have never been so happy for a rest day. I might even take two.

Here’s how the weekend played out:

On Saturday Ben and I rode our bicycles out to Lake Laberge. It was a sunny, gorgeous day out and it was a nice ride. Unfortunately I have started to develop the dreaded bike leg tan, but I don’t think I am going to be able to do much about that. Maybe I could bike more in the trees and less on the exposed highway. I took this photo at the turn-around point: pee break, snack, photo-op. The usuals 🙂

I was tired on Sunday and didn’t really want to do any serious hill climbing, so Ben and I muddled our way out of Hillcrest and through Copper Ridge to the Copper Haul Road (Mine Haul Road on the map below). We toodled up and down the wide open dirt road over to Haeckel Hill where we climbed just a few switchbacks on this steep ascent before I had enough.

I was worried that I was going to feel like hell on Monday, but I actually felt less tired when I woke up than I had on Sunday morning. Sierra and I had a really fun 4 hour ride up Grey Mountain, down SFD, Girlfriend, Juicy, Yukon River Trail, Magnussen Red and Green, and then One Foot Trail back to her place. My legs were definitely feeling it by the end and I walked up some hills, but my mental alertness was good and I felt like I could have ridden more…albeit I didn’t want to go up anything else.

I don’t have any photos from Monday because Ben had the camera. Our Vancouver friend Charles treated us to an unexpected visit and he and Ben headed out to ride Boogaloo. Best part of the afternoon is that while Sierra and I watched dark clouds circle Grey Mountain and we felt the cool wind of coming rain, we didn’t actually suffer a single drop. Somehow the storm avoided us. But I know where it went…

I’m hoping I bring that same karma to Alberta in August.

So, this week looked like:

Date: May 18-24, 2010

Distance: 100km road, no idea mountain

Time: 17.5 hours

Counting down to the August 8th start date, we’ve got 11 weeks to go until TransRockies.


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