I am your hangover morning

4:39 sunrise
23:18 sunset

Anyone else totally sucked in (pardon the pun) to True Blood?
When I first heard about it and the show was described as “a lot of vampires and sex” I was kind of like “yawn” but I have to say…. I love it! It’s campy enough to make me laugh, but the characters are actually pretty interesting and the actors are really quite good. Ben and I watched the first two seasons in about 2 weeks (which is kind of par for the course in our tv watching world).

Anyhow, season 3 begins sometime this month and I am going to have to find time to watch it this summer. But what I wanted to highlight in this post is actually a song from the soundtrack that I can’t get enough of these days. I mean, I am listening to this over and over and over again when I am driving. Waaaaay back in December I said I was going to create a 30 song playlist of my favourite tunes. I think I managed to list 6. So, continuing on that theme I bring you this bit of fabulousness from the True Blood soundtrack.

Golden State – John Doe & Kathleen Edwards


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