24HOL Report

4:30 sunrise

23:36 sunset

Number of laps: 9 + Africa Bike = 10

Total kms: 115

Total climbing: ~2700m
Crashes: 1, hit a tree and then the ground on Bouncing Bunny

Injuries: None 🙂

Beers drunk: Sadly, only 1/2 of one I think
And that about sums up my attempt at riding the 24 Hours of Light solo this year. Overall it was a good experience and the course was quite a lot of fun. I’m too tired to do much of a report, but I did want to post this photo that Sierra took of me during my lap in the Africa Bike. That’s a 60lb cruiser with a blow up doll taped to the back. Good times!
Speaking of Sierra, my TR partner, she rocked this event: 13 laps and she’s rockin’ both the up and downhills. I’ve got some work to do over the next few weeks to catch up!



  1. Awesome picture Jen. I still remember you telling me in 2007 that you were more of a “one lap” kind of a person. You look great in that picture! See you in August.


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