Pre-Canada Day

4:39 sunrise
23:30 sunset

Had a great long weekend. Actually, it wasn’t a long weekend since I worked on Friday. But with Thursday off and a lot of time spent on my bike, it felt like a long weekend.

To start things off, I dyed a swath of pink in my hair. Why not, I figured. I keep debating whether it’s time for me to return to the short pixie cut, but I am not quite there for some reason. But then, when I don’t make the “giant cut it all off” move, I want something else while in the stylist’s chair. So this time I suggested she dye part of my hair an interesting colour. She chose (and I agreed) to orange, pink and copper which come out mostly as pink:

I quite love it and hope that I don’t too much look like a 16 year old wanna be. I’ll probably only keep the pink until the end of the summer.

I have much biking to report on, but I will leave that for another day.


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