Important! Census!

I’m pretty much copying this verbatim from Claire who took it from (Laidley?). But I think it’s important, so please have a read. Claire called it plagarism for a common good 🙂

You may have heard that the federal government is moving to eliminate the Canada census long form questionnaire and replace it with a voluntary survey. The long form is sent to 20% of households and is a critical source of information about diversity, employment, income, education and other characteristics of Canadians. It is essential to business, research, planning and good public policies and programs. If it is voluntary it means that the most vulerable segments of the population are unlikely to complete it meaning that we will know less about them meaning the assholeface government will be able to say, “Hey, ya. Let’s gut healthcare coz most Canadians are in good health and don’t need it. And we have the numbers right here to back it up!” because we won’t know about those who are dependent on it.

Sign the Petition:
The Keep the Canada Census Long Form petition is at:
So far, it has 2000+ signatures. Monday July 12, the petition will be sent to Tony Clement (Minister for Industry and Stats Can), the Prime Minister, the Chief Statistician and opposition leaders. Sign on, because a lot more signatures are needed.

Links re the importance of the Long Form:

Why you should care

Because it’s “dumbing down” democracy.

The archivist in me, thanks you.


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