Dry Tri

4:49 sunrise
23:22 sunset

Another summer weekend, another manic season fun event. Yesterday was the Dry Tri. Some folks might call it a duathlon, but here in the Yukon we like to call this triathlon for non-swimmers a Dry Tri. Sounds cooler.
I teamed up with a colleague and only did the bike portion. I tried to hammer the course as much as I could and overall I was satisfied with my riding and the 51 minutes it took me. Of course, once I finished it was easy to say “I could have gone faster” or “if only” but all in all I was pleased. And the day was a lot of fun. Food was amazing (the Parkers are nuts to do all this work), weather was sunny and all the participants were super relaxed and chill about the day. I love summer in the Yukon 🙂
I didn’t take many photos of the athletic portion of the day. Ben was on a different team and no one had the camera while I was on my bike, so most shots are from the social part of the afternoon.


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